Online cycling position video analysis for a comfortable bike fit

Video analysis, personalised feedback, instruction & unique measurements adapted to your body by specialist bikefitting coach, Nick Marshall.

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What People Are Saying About Us

“ Just to let you know that even though I was tired my power meter was showing 50-50 power balance right & left! ”

“ Thank you Nick! Great job on the fitting as I suffered no pain! ”
GN (Haute Route)

“ Hi Nick. First stage done. My bike position is great. Thank you ”
CB (Haute Route)


Bikefitting Online Makes Progress Comfortable

The Bikefitting Online process has been developed through 1000s of hours of bike fitting, coaching, training, supporting and developing cyclists positioning worldwide.

The process has been simplified to assure you save time and spend more time doing what you love; riding comfortably.

Use whatever video functionality you have at hand for a clear video of yourself and upload for review. It’s that simple!


How Bikefitting Online Video Works

Record video of yourself from 3 angles.

Send me the videos via WhatsApp or messaging.

Receive position analysis & personal instructions from Nick.


The Best Option For Beginner To Advanced Cylists

“ Save time & money with personal attention from the privacy of your own home ”

Maintain Your Privacy

• Film your cycling position from home
• Place your order without creating an account
• Orders secured via SSL & HTTPS direct to purchase processing
• No payment or account data saved

Save Money

• No more futile, expensive trips to the bike shop for position information & ‘advice’
• Create the analysis videos during your free time
• Make the modifications at your leisure*
• Purchase additional components from your preferred provider

Save Time

• Video yourself in your own free time, wherever you are
• No traffic, no parking & no waiting for advice & modifications
• Receive analysis information based on experience, not guesswork

*Within the noted 3-week progress timeframe


Bikefit Online Position & Pedal Analysis

  • Online Bike Frame Size Analaysis

    Verify your bike frame size before purchase.
    Testing & Analysis via Pdf and Video conference.
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  • Online Bikefitting using Video Analysis

    Perfect your cycling position.
    Saddle height and setback, Handlebar height and rotation, Cleat and Q-Factor testing & Pedaling Analysis
    via Pdf, Video conference & Software Analysis.
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  • 4-week Video stretching, strengthening & coaching

    Live classes online with Nick for improved flexibility and strength.
    Coaching programs for cycling competition and pleasure riding.
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