Bike frame sizing & ordering



Choose your bike frame size and then order your next bike with peace of mind!

We dedicate our time to understanding your strengths, weaknesses, goals and priorities to make sure you purchase the bike that is correct for you. We take into account your preferred bikes geometry, ordering peculiarities (un-cut stem height, handlebar integration etc) and overlay this data on your bodies functional strengths.
A bike sizing chart won’t take into account your hamstring length, disc herniation, leg-length discrepancy, breathing volume or many other crucial factors so it is important to test and understand these elements BEFORE ordering a new bike.

How does it work?
After receiving and filling out an initial short PDF questionnaire you will create your own Virtual Bikefitting Studio using our guides and begin to send your videos, photos and measurements for analysis to help determine precise data for analysis.

This data collection and analysis is a highly personalised conversation and program that takes place over a number of weeks to be sure you are satisfied with the order choice.