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Lift Your Cycling Game. Grab some of Nick’s Shims ™ and 3D print your way to bikefitting and cycling success.

Downloading the full LOOK KEO Bikefitting Shim 3D model suite gives you access to the cycling lifestyle you’ve always daydreamed about! Long, happy days of riding your bike or bikefitting from your shop – it’s all good and we have you covered.
With their optimised angles and sizes, it is possible to address pins-and-needles, knee pain, ankle blocking and foot heating very quickly and at a low cost.

When you purchase your 3D models, Nick’s robots will prepare and freshly bake your shims, then send you an email with your link and password to access the files. 2 minutes and you’re done.

Here are the printable 3D models you get when you place your order:
#1 Flat 2.5mm for small leg-length discrepancy correction
#2 Flat 5mm for larger leg-length discrepancy correction
#3 2° Right 2.5mm for correcting supination (rolling outwards) and small leg-length on the Right Foot
#4 2° Left 2.5mm for correcting pronation (rolling inwards) and small leg-length on the Left Foot
#5 2° Right 5mm for correcting supination (rolling outwards) and large leg-length on the Right Foot
#6 2° Left 5mm for correcting supination (rolling outwards) and large leg-length on the Left Foot
* Pro Tip: The Rights & Lefts can be swapped around too
Imagine the possibilities of adjusting leg-length discrepancies, ankle instability and pelvic deplacement so quickly! 😀

No idea how to print them yourself? Pop them onto a USB and give them to your local 3D print shop, send them by email to your nerdy bother-in-law (who you will then beat on the bike) or even ask your local high-school to do it. Included in each download directory is a guide for 3D setup plus which bolts you will need and some ideas on where to order from eBay. You can print as many copies as you like (but you can’t sell them sorry).
Reading this page from Europe? You can also order Nick’s Shims on eBay – the eBay robots will take care of your order here: https://www.ebay.fr/usr/nichmars_4176

Bikefitter or cyclist, lift your game with Nick’s Shims.