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Lift Your Cycling Game. Grab a pre-printed Nick’s Shims ™ and even up your uneven leg length with the 2.5mm Shim. Improve your cycling positio and enjoy pain-relief while performance your performance.
Shipping in Europe included – for the US and Asia please purchase the 3D model pack.



  • 1 x #1 Flat 2.5mm Shim for small leg-length discrepancy correction
  • M5 round-headed bolts that are correctly sized for the shim installation.

When you purchase your Shim, Nick’s printing robots will prepare and freshly bake your shim, then package up and send off asap. No sweat!

With their optimised angles and sizes, it is possible to address pins-and-needles, knee pain, ankle blocking and foot heating very quickly and at a low cost when compared to other bikefitting pedal shims available on the market.


Bikefitter or cyclist, lift your game with Nick’s Shims.

Additional information

Weight .03 g
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm