Grab some Nick’s!

Nick’s Shims ™ offer the hobby cyclist, club trainer and professional bikefitter the tools to improve their position and enjoyment of cycling. Say goodbye to rushed shimming, wayward bolting and prolonged shipping times. Grab some Nick’s Shims and start improving cycling posture and alignment.
Developed over many years and hundreds of bikefit sessions in Europe, the Nick’s Shims approach is one of developing a comfortable, adapted cycling position that takes into account injuries, sporting background, goals and personal physiology through 3D printable pedal shims.

Developed by France-based Australian Nick Marshall to a global cycling audience, Nick’s Shims provide you with ongoing product development, innovation and attentive responses to your product feedback. Have some ideas or need custom models? Just let us know.

If you are new to cleat adjustment, you will need a minimum of tools to remove, adjust and tighten your cleat bolts.