Grab some Nick’s!


Grab some Nick’s!

3D Printable Bikefit Shims

Ok! I’ll grab some!

Instantly improve your comfort, power and enjoyment after installing your Nicks Shim. 3D printed to the height required to correct your leg-length discrepancy, Nics Shims are shipped to countries within the EU and UK.

Designed, developed and tested with 100s of road, endurance and bikepacking cyclists, Nicks Shims are your robust solution to a common problem facing cyclists around the world.

Purchase your Nicks Shim today and receive a high-quality product fabricated with the understanding of common problems facing cyclists today.

What People Are Saying About Nick’s Shims

“ Just to let you know that even though I was tired my power meter was showing 50-50 power balance right & left! ”

“ Thank you Nick! Great job on the fitting as I suffered no pain! ”
GN (Haute Route)

“ Hi Nick. First stage done. My bike position is great. Thank you ”
CB (Haute Route)

Bikefitting Online – The home of Nick’s Shims

Using data accrued from over 1000 bikefit sessions, Nick Marshall, founder of Etude Posturale, offers Nick’s Shims ™ to the worldwide community of bikefitters and cyclists.
Nick’s Shims ™ goal is to offer Europes’ most comprehensive range of 3D-printed bicycle pedal shims for rectifying leg-length discrepncies and their associated pain and discomfort issues.

Bikefitting with Nick’s Shims makes it easy

Not only do Nick’s Shims provide a huge amount of angles and thicknesses for improved pedal efficiency and pain-relief, we are constantly improving the process of education for bikefitters and non-bikefitters alike! You’re all welcome to grab some Nick’s and get started!

We work really hard to simplify the process of using shims to assure you save time and spend more time doing what you love; bikefitting and riding comfortably.

If you have further questions you can take a personalised video chat or even get bikefitted by Nick using whatever video functionality you have at hand.


How To Use Nick’s Shims for Beginners

Measure your leg difference.

Test your in-out foot lean.

Grab your shim!


The Best Option For Beginner To Advanced Cylists & Bikefitters

“ Save time & money with pedal shims that are suited to you and your clients ”

Maintain Your Privacy

• Place your order without creating an account
• Secured purchase via SSL & HTTPS direct to Paypal purchase processing
• No payment or account data saved

Save Money

• No more futile, expensive trips to the bike shop for any old shim that they have in stock!
• Nick’s 3D-printed shims cost much less than your average shim (and they look cool too)
• Purchase additional components as Nick’s Shims launches new products

Save Time

• Install the shims as soon as you receive them
• No traffic, no parking & no waiting at bike shops
• Re-use your Shims throughout the life of your shoes