Pictured above is a bikefitting position underway for an elite boxer-turned triathlete. His position allows him to remain in a high, powerful tuck, removing any weight from his lower back that has seen notable injury and overuse. Over the period of adaptation his position will become lower as his legs and gluteals become stronger and his back releases into the time-trial position.

Finally, a bikefitting service committed to your cycling comfort, performance and personal privacy that allows you to develop your cycling position at your own pace.

Say goodbye to rushed cycling advice, wayward positioning guidance and in-your-face bike sales-people who care more about the price tag than your ride.

Developed over many years of cycling, racing, fitting, coaching and teaching, the Bikefitting Online approach is one of developing a comfortable, adapted cycling position that takes into account your injuries, sporting background, goals and personal physiology.
There is no plumb-line measurements or baseless computer-generated positions, Bikefitting Online is a personal, attentive process!

Developed by France-based Australian Nick Marshall, Bikefitting Online involves uploading videos of you riding your bike on a stationary trainer for analysis then following the personalised advice from Nick to improve your position.

This back-and-forth is a process that will take at least 3 uploads over a period of weeks, and you are encourage to provide the Power Meter, Heart Rate, Moxy Monitor or Muscle Sensor data from your rides and fitting sessions.

You will need a minimum of tools to adjust your cleats, seat, bars and shifters as you follow Nicks advice.
* All setup information is provided as a download once your registration is complete.

please feel free to get in touch and discuss your personal cycling story and let us know how we can help.